Common Myths About Dentists

Common Myths About Dentists

Common Myths About Dentists

Dentists probably carry the most misconceptions around their profession. There are countless jokes and tall tales about dentists who inflict pain and the nervous patients that sit in their chairs. The reality is these stories couldn't be further from the truth. Dentists are highly trained professionals that go through years of training before they are approved to practice their profession. Let's dispel some of the most common myths about dentists and focus on what you can really expect when you schedule a visit.

Dentists Will Judge You

Concerns about judgmental dentists is probably the most common misconception that patients have. Dentists see everything from teeth in good shape to teeth in poor shape. If you're in need of dental care, it can be easy to fear a response like: "Why aren't your teeth in better shape?"

The reality is dentists approach every patient individually, and each case is handled with care and compassion. Dentists are professionals, and every patient requires their own specific attention and procedures. Judgement does not enter into the process. Instead there is the singular goal of preserving your teeth to the best possible degree. Hopefully you can now rest easy knowing your dentist won't judge you at your next appointment.

The Dentist Is Going To Be Painful

Aside from concerns about judgment, worries about experiencing pain at the dentist are extremely common. Some even fear that the dentist is going out of his or her way to cause pain at a visit. There have been plenty of inaccurate stories and cartoons depicting this myth.

The reality of this common myth is that all dentists do all they can to avoid causing pain in their patients. Modern equipment, medicines and facilities are all designed with maximum comfort for patients in mind. Sure, through the course of some procedures a degree of pain may be felt, but it's certainly nothing like the myths suggest. It is also in your dentists' best interest to make your visit pleasant. They want to earn your business as a trusted professional and ensure your teeth are in the best shape possible. Regular visits are the best way to guarantee this, and they want you to feel comfortable so you get the care you need.

Dentists Don't Want To See You If Your Teeth Are In Good Shape

Some patients worry they may be wasting the dentist's time, or the dentist may not want to see them if their teeth aren't in need of substantial dental care. The feeling of taking up someone's precious time can make many people nervous. Add on top of that concerns about doing something that is not necessarily needed, and doubts soon arise and make people uncomfortable.

In truth, all dentists want to see their patients regularly. Preventative care is extremely important in dentistry, and even if you're only getting a cleaning at your next visit, the trip to the office is well worth it. You're never wasting the dentist's time by making a regular appointment. Every 6 months or so is recommended for cleanings and checkups. They'll be able to diagnose any problems on the horizon when you come for the checkup as well.

You Won't Be In Control At The Dentist

Many patients have the fear that once they step into the dentist's office, they will lose any control they have over the procedures that the dentist recommends. Patients worry that once they are in the chair, the dentist has free rein over which procedures they will perform.

The reality is the only thing you're signed up for when you visit the dentist is a cleaning and checkup. This part is necessary as we mentioned above, and preventative cleanings are always beneficial and almost painless. Should you require further care, the dentist will check in with you before proceeding with any other treatment. At this time the dentist can also talk costs and potential insurance coverage so you know what you're getting into before you approve anything.

Final Thoughts About Dentist Myths

Myths about dentist are all too common, and chances are they won't be going away anytime soon. However you can dispel these myths by becoming educated on how dentists really work. This will make scheduling your next visit far less stressful. We know concerns about the dentist can be hard to get rid of, and we're happy to walk you through everything we do at Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry before your appointment begins. Schedule a visit today and you'll see these common misconceptions about the dentist don't exist at our office!


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