Dentist Checkups - How To Get Back On Schedule

Dentist Checkups - How To Get Back On Schedule

Dentist Checkups - How To Get Back On Schedule

Pandemic fatigue is real, and it is something we all have to contend with, even today. If you find yourself saying “I don’t get out much anymore,” or “I just stay home most nights,” you’re certainly not alone. This fatigue can extend to other activities and tasks as well. It is easy to put off that appointment, almost like you’re still in the routine from quarantine. But if you’ve been putting of that dentist checkup, here are some tips to get back on schedule.

Find A Slower Day

Whoever said working from home affords you more time, probably hasn’t worked from home! Even if you’re still commuting to the office, time certainly has a habit of getting away from you. But not every day is a “sunrise to sunset rushing to get everything done” affair. We all have that calmer day where maybe fewer deadlines loom or you have a couple free hours to do something else. The key is getting motivated to knock out something you’ve been putting off. But you can do it, and the next free day after will feel even better!

Plan Appointments With Your Spouse Or Friend

Two’s company is often better than riding solo, at least when it comes to staying accountable. So if you have a friend or spouse who is also in need of a dentist checkup, there is no better time to make a date! Contact your dentist and tell them you are looking for two appointments near the same time. You’ll be able to save a little gas money and have someone to talk to on the way there and back. Of course, this doesn’t always work if someone has to watch the kids. But why not see if you can schedule the whole family for staggered appointments!

Schedule In Advance

Another way to stay accountable and get back on schedule for dental checkups is to schedule a bit in advance. While some folks may call to schedule week of or early next, you can forecast out an appointment farther than that if needed. This can help you if your schedule is especially busy in the short term. The other benefit is you’ll have the appointment on the calendar for a while before you have to go. This way you can plan other obligations around the solid date to make sure you make it in for that overdue checkup. Don’t worry, the dentist will never mind if you plan a little farther in advance!

Make A Plan And Stick To It

It’s no secret the pandemic made it a little easier to blow plans off, and like it or not, we’ve probably all experienced this. So when you’re ready to get back on schedule with your dentist checkups, make a plan and stick to it. Sure, this is easier said than done, but getting back on track starts one step at a time. Find someone to help you be more accountable on an appointment, or simply schedule an appointment farther in advance and work to move your schedule around it. The good news is a checkup only takes an hour or less, and you’ll leave with your teeth feeling clean! Contact Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry to get back on schedule today!


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