Lakewood Dentist - What Do Patients Value?

Lakewood Dentist - What Do Patients Value?

Lakewood Dentist - What Do Patients Value?

When you've searching for a Lakewood dentist, what factors are important to you? Is it friendly service, close location, or affordability? In reality, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on any of those items, but let's take a closer look at each aspect to ensure you're receiving the top rate service you deserve in a Lakewood dentist. 

You Have Options

First thing is first, you should know that you have options. It is a mistake to stay with a dentist you don't feel comfortable with or one that doesn't pay attention to you individual concerns. Don't be afraid to speak up if something doesn't seem right or the care isn't up to your expectations. You have options! 

So What Do Patients Really Value In A Dentist?

We’ve picked out four factors - friendly service, location, affordability and trust to examine what patients really value in a Lakewood dentist. Let’s take a look at each in further detail.

Friendly Service 

Friendly service should be a given, but unfortunately it isn't always a slam dunk. There are several touch points that make for an all-around great patient experience. The first experience point is the front desk. And yes, both before and after treatment are equally important. Quality front desk staff should make you feel comfortable when you enter, and they should address any pending issues before you sit down in the chair like insurance requests, new paperwork, etc. After the front desk, the hygienist is your next touch point. It is their job to make you feel comfortable throughout the cleaning process as well as field general questions about oral care habits. Finally, the dentist is your last contact point, and without a doubt the most important part of your experience. Your dentist should always be kind and approachable. 


It is no secret that location is an important factor for selecting a variety of services including doctors, mechanics and so much more. But it may be a mistake to simply pick the closest Lakewood dentist and forego a full search of the area. Is saving two minutes on the commute worth second rate care? Certainly not! The best way to search for a dentist is both by location and rating. Only then can you be confident you’ve found a dentist that isn’t too far of a drive and one that has a history of satisfied patients.


The biggest concern for most patients is cost, and this makes perfect sense. Dental care can be expensive depending on the treatment, and you certainly don’t want to think you’re overpaying. There are a few ways you can know you’re getting a good deal. First, search average dental costs in your area and compare them to quotes you’re given for care. Don’t be afraid to schedule larger treatment items for another day if the cost seems extremely high and you’d prefer to do more research. Next, a quality Lakewood dentist should have transparent pricing. You should know the costs up front, but remember sometimes insurance coverage can vary after the treatment is submitted to the dental insurance company. Finally, if you’re concerned about paying for treatment that is necessary, a quality dentist should work with you on a payment plan so you can still receive the care you need.


 Trust is by far the biggest thing patients value in a dentist according to The Journal Of Young Investigators.  Their research notes that trust is certainly not a given between a dentist and a patient, and forming that trust is key to better health in the patient. After all, you won’t continue to seek treatment if you don’t trust the one providing care. So when you shop for a new dentist or return for a checkup with your current dentist, the number one thing you should ask yourself is - do I trust this Lakewood dentist?

Final Thoughts - Lakewood Dentist 

At Grace's Leedy Family Dentistry, we treat all our patients like family. Trust is the most important thing we strive for in a patient / provider relationship. Contact us today to experience the difference with a checkup and cleaning.


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