Your Biggest Dental Resolution This Year

Your Biggest Dental Resolution This Year

Your Biggest Dental Resolution This Year

Another year has passed, and we hope it has been a happy and prosperous one for you and your family. As we look ahead to 2018, it's natural to think of changes and resolutions we can make to ensure the coming year is even better than the last. When most people think of common dental resolutions, it's usually things like brush more often, floss more, or simply to see the dentist more. While these are all important, this year we thought we'd focus on the most important dental resolution you can make. If you've been putting off that substantial dental procedure for one reason or another, make this year the year you finally get it done.

Why You Shouldn't Wait Any Longer

Well there is no sense in beating around the bush. Substantial dental procedures can make even the most hardened patients a little nervous. There are a few natural reasons for this. First the procedure itself, and the side effects that may come with it, can be hard to think about. In addition to this, many patients are worried about the extra costs that come along with major dental procedures. We can all sympathize with these reasons to be nervous, but the simple fact of the matter is - your need for the procedure isn't getting any better. The longer you wait, the worse it could get. So let's make sure this is the year you get it taken care of. All of us at Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry are here to help. We're happy to say things aren't as dire as they seem, and we can take care of even the worst dental problems. The first thing you need is a plan.

Come Up With A Plan

It's never wise to tackle a substantial problem without a good plan. Having a plan of attack will help alleviate stress and give you simple steps you can take to keep you on track. When first devising a plan, you'll want to consider factors like do you have the finances to cover treatment costs, do you have family members or friends who can support you through the process (including transport you in some circumstances) and can you take time off work to complete the procedure and possible recovery process? Answering these questions will be your first step, but now you need to speak with your dentist.

Talk With Your Dentist

Now that you've talked with your family and thought about a basic financial and support plan, it's time to get more information from your chosen dentist. (If you need help finding a quality dentist, we recommend: Your First Visit To A New Dentist - What To Expect) Your dentist will help you evaluate cost on the procedure, and they can outline the recovery time window and if you'll need someone to transport you to and from the office that day. You'll also want to discuss how many follow up visits are required so you'll be prepared for scheduling. Since your dentist has performed this procedure many times before, they'll be able to accurately describe what to expect.

Investigate Insurance Options

Often times a dental insurance policy can help make a series of dental procedures easier to navigate. Sometimes a dental policy will cover a portion of the procedure, but not every treatment is eligible for insurance coverage. Commonly larger procedures may be excluded from the majority of insurance policies. However, this doesn't mean that insurance coverage won't help long term. It will still help pay for cleanings, office visits and other minor procedures, and this will make the financial impact of the larger procedure easier to handle.

Consider Payment Plans

As we just mentioned, even with insurance coverage some treatment options can present a financial burden to some patients. However simply putting off an important procedure just because you can't afford it will lead to even more problems in the years to come. A viable alternative comes in a payment plan or loan that many dentist offices provide, usually through a third party company. While you will have to pay interest on the loan, it can still make sense for many patients who simply aren't able to pay upfront.

2018 Dental Resolutions

There are many things you can do to make a substantial dental procedure easier to navigate. Getting support from family and friends and working out a plan with your dentist are the first steps. While you have many things to look forward to in the coming year, make sure you take care of the procedures you need so you can have a healthy smile for years to come. Contact us at Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry to learn more about how we can help.


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