How To Talk To Someone About Dental Care

How To Talk To Someone About Dental Care

How To Talk To Someone About Dental Care

Everyone has their own views (and sometimes fears) about dental care. And hey, it’s good to be unique! But if your friend or loved one is dealing with dental issues, it is hard to just sit back and ignore them. We believe it’s important to speak up and support the people we care for when they need help. Here are some tips on how to talk to someone about dental care. 

Positivity Is Key

How eager have you been to do something when a person is angry or impatient with you? Not too eager is what we would guess! It is important to stay positive when exploring how to talk to someone about dental care. Everyone has good and bad qualities. Remember to focus on the good qualities while expressing concern for their well-being. This strategy will be much more successful than lecturing someone about their reluctance to seek dental care. 


Everyone wants to be heard, no matter how complex their troubles or concerns. It is key to really listen to someone’s concerns when you’re trying to help. Stay attentive and note the important points as they speak. Then reflect what you’ve learned and ask if you have things right. This could be all you need to do to open up a deeper conversation about treatment issues. 

Address Monetary Concerns

Monetary concerns are a common fear associated with dentist visits. Many worry that they’ll show up to the office and immediately be saddled with expensive bills. However, as with any professional service, your first visit consists primarily of a cleaning and consultation. Your friend or family member will get to see what it feels like to be back in the dentist’s chair for a short time. They’ll also have any treatment options explained to them in a friendly, no-nonsense manner. From there, they can take their time to make an informed decision after the appointment. It is always good to remind someone struggling with dental care about this fact.

How To Spur Action

No that you’ve listened and had an initial conversation about dental care issues, it is time to turn a plan into action. Ultimately, it is best if they choose the dentist. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t research options and even offer to make an appointment for the office they like best. Helping with the research and scheduling might be all they need to take the next step. But again, it is best not to force any decisions on their part or tell them what to do. Respect and patience is always important in this process. 

How To Talk To Someone About Dental Care - Final Thoughts

Is it easy to talk to someone about dental care? Absolutely not. However, when you stay positive, listen attentively, address misconceptions and encourage healthy action, you can help someone you care about receive the help they need. You’re not alone in this venture either. Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry specializes in compassionate, comprehensive care for everyone, even those that struggle to go to the dentist.

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