Holiday Dental Care

Holiday Dental Care

Holiday Dental Care

The 2020 holiday season is upon us, and it’s like nothing we’ve experienced before. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves just like previous years! As you alter your traditions and plan for a merry season, we’d like to remind you to take care of your teeth this holiday as well. It’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Here are some tips for holiday dental care so your smile will be as white as the snow falling on December 25th.

Stay Home When You Can

This first tip doesn’t have to do with holiday dental care, but we thought it important to cover nonetheless. This holiday season is going to be difficult in some regards, but we want to encourage everyone to do their part to stay safe. Please don’t travel or attend large gatherings if it can be helped. As the new year rolls around, promising vaccines offer hope for the end of the pandemic. But for now, we need to all stay home and stay safe as much as possible.

Don’t Be Too Jolly With Treats

It’s very tempting to load up on the sugary treats this stressful season, but we want to encourage our patients to exercise moderation this holiday. This doesn’t mean you have to throw all the treats and traditions out the window. The best time to eat sugary treats and drinks is just after a meal. Your saliva production is up as you’re digesting your meal, and as we’ve covered many times in the past, saliva is your natural defense against bacteria, which can grow when you eat sugar. Rinsing with water after you eat sugary foods and beverages, as well as acidic drinks like coffee, can also wash away harmful substances to reduce bacteria growth around your teeth. As always, don’t forget to brush twice and floss once every day, even on a lazy holiday evening!

Use Your Remaining Insurance Benefits

Another important reminder about holiday dental care has to do with your dental insurance benefits. In January, your insurance benefits roll over, and they’re limited each year depending on your plan. But you may have remaining benefits to use before the end of December. So if you’ve been putting off that procedure, or you’re simply overdue for a checkup, now is the time to give our office a ring. We still have select appointments available so you can get the care you need before the year is out. Contact us to learn more. 

Emergencies Around The Holiday

A dental emergency can be stressful in itself, but it is especially nerve wracking around the holidays. Our first tip is not to panic and calmly assess the situation. Recently we wrote a guide on How To Handle A Filling Falling Out, and it’s a great reference guide for small emergencies. In addition, our office is still open the majority of December, and we reserve a few appointments every day for emergency treatment. For more severe dental injuries during the holidays, please turn to urgent care or the emergency room for treatment. If you’re experiencing a lesser emergency like a toothache, remedies like rinsing with saltwater and over the counter toothache cures are a great option until you can seek treatment again.


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