Keep Children's Teeth Healthy This Summer

Keep Children's Teeth Healthy This Summer

Keep Children's Teeth Healthy This Summer

This year summer vacation is looking completely different during the pandemic. While families have grown accustomed to children being around the house every day, it can be easy for those quality oral health habits you’ve established to falter under the added stress of COVID-19. Yes even if there are less amusement park treats to worry about this year, proper oral health habits for children can easily slip during the summer. Let’s take a closer look at some tips to keep smiles healthy during this unexpected season.

The World Has Changed, But Brushing Habits Shouldn’t

We have all seen our daily habits turned upside down by the pandemic, but one habit that should never change is daily brushing and flossing. You could argue it’s more important than ever to keep up with solid oral hygiene routines. Many families are experiencing an impact to their regular income, which is even more reason to keep those smiles healthy and cavities from forming. You should always supervise young children as they learn to brush and make sure proper habits are established. For older kids, don’t be afraid to check in every so often and make sure they’re not cutting corners on their brushing. And of course don’t forget the daily flossing once children are old enough, around three years old.

Safety And Preparation Is More Important Than Ever

Any emergency, dental or otherwise, is a trying experience in itself. But now during a pandemic, the event of an emergency can be extremely nerve-racking, and it’s one to be avoided at all costs. Now is the time to think ahead and make plans to reduce the risk of a family member encountering a dental emergency. A great way to protect kids if they regularly engage in active sports is a custom mouth guard. Yes most summer sports are cancelled for now, but even activities like riding a bike can result in chipped or damaged teeth. It’s a good idea to have an athletic mouth guard ready during this time when we need to play it safe. We can easily make a mold of your children’s teeth at your next checkup to make mouth guards that offer superior protection compared to generic ones.

Set A Good Example

Now that your children are spending a lot more time at home, they’re no doubt watching your habits more closely. This is the perfect time to set a good example and make sure you’re doing the best for your teeth during the pandemic too. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, you can set a great example for your children by maintaining a healthy diet. After all, we’re all cooking at home more these days, and now is the perfect time to work more vegetables and healthy alternatives into our diets. This also means you should limit sugary beverage consumption and drink lots of water, especially given the summer heat. The vast majority of Americans are chronically dehydrated, and this can have a big impact on your oral health as well. So keep drinking plenty of water this summer!

Plenty Of Time To Schedule A Checkup

Perhaps you and your family cancelled or postponed a dental checkup during the safe at home order earlier this year. While it can be tricky to know which businesses are safe to visit in the continuing pandemic, one office you don’t have to worry about is our dental practice. We’re implementing new safety practices alongside longer appointment times to adhere to social distancing guidelines. In addition, if you’re worried about attending a checkup with younger children, we still allow one qualified guardian to come to the appointment as well. Learn more about How We’re Keeping Our Office Safe During COVID-19 or contact our office to find an appointment time that works for you this summer. 

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