Weddings And A Healthy Smile

Weddings And A Healthy Smile

Weddings And A Healthy Smile

We all want our weddings to be as perfect as possible. From scenic venues to a large guest list and so much more, a lot of planning and thought goes into every wedding. A big part of an ideal wedding involves a healthy smile, and it’s extremely common for patients to factor dental visits into their wedding planning. From smaller fixes like a routine cleaning and in-office whitening to multiple visits for cosmetic dentistry, there are plenty of options to meet everyone’s wedding plan. Let’s take a closer look at what to consider when you think about weddings and a healthy smile.

Wedding Planning

Congratulations! The question has been popped and you’re getting married! As you look forward to the date, you may also be thinking about those upcoming wedding photos and your smile. Not to panic, dentists are used to getting visits and patient requests about weddings. We all want to look our best for the date, and the dentist can provide several options depending on your needs. First and foremost, it is best to schedule a consult and cleaning with your dentist well before the ceremony. This will help you and your dentist form a treatment plan for the upcoming months. Remember, if you attend a consultation and you need non-cosmetic dental treatment, that will take precedent. You’ll want any filings or other procedures completed well before you consider any whitening treatments. 

Weddings And Whitening Treatments

Whitening treatments are without a doubt the most-requested procedure around a wedding. As we just mentioned, substantial whitening treatments like in-office whitening should not be performed if you need other vital dental work performed first. This means your first step is always to get a cleaning and consultation. When you talk to your dentist, you can examine different levels of whitening to match your desired outcome.


If your teeth are in good condition and you’re already relatively happy with their appearance, then over the counter whitening treatments should be all you need for your wedding. OTC whitening treatments include whitening mouthwashes, whitening toothpastes and whitening strips. Whitening mouthwash yields only minimal results since the bleaching agent isn’t on your teeth very long. Toothpastes yield slightly better results as the bleaching agents stay on your teeth longer. Whitening strips create the best results, but they can be difficult to keep on your teeth and may cause irritation in some users.


Home whitening trays are a popular option for patients planning for a wedding. In most cases this is not considered an OTC option as we recommend getting fitted for custom trays to reduce gum irritation and make sure the bleaching agents stay close to your teeth. This option can yield better results versus OTC options as patients can keep the bleaching agents near their teeth longer and use this treatment repeatedly. Results will be maximized by avoiding staining foods and drinks.


The best whitening option available to those planning a wedding is in-office whitening treatments. These are similar to home whitening trays, and in fact trays are also created for this whitening option. To maximize results, patient’s teeth are exposed to specialized light to help the bleaching agents work. This method of whitening can fade over time, and it is best to schedule it near your wedding and avoid any staining agents.

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many patients planning for their wedding that may opt for more substantial cosmetic treatments in addition to whitening. This of course assumes that all pending oral health issues are resolved before they advance to cosmetic options. We won’t list all the cosmetic options here, but be sure to read our Guide on Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic bonding, veneers, Invisalign, and dental implants are all popular options for patients depending on their desired outcome before the wedding. 

Don’t Wait Until Close To The Ceremony

Now that we’ve examined the different ways you can prepare for your wedding and a healthy smile, it’s time to put your plan into action. The most important thing to remember is to not wait until it is close to the ceremony. You want to make sure your teeth are healthy before you engage in any whitening treatments or other cosmetic procedures. A checkup now will also ensure you’re on track for that last whitening procedure right before the ceremony. Contact Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry to ensure your wedding is complete with a healthy smile.


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