What Do You Value In A Lakewood, CO Dentist?

What Do You Value In A Lakewood, CO Dentist?

What Do You Value In A Lakewood, CO Dentist?

Today it has never been easier to find a qualified Colorado dentist. Chances are there are several dentists right in your area. How do you choose the best one for your family, and more importantly what should you experience in their office that keeps you coming back for future checkups and evaluations? Today we're going to focus on the latter question. What should you value in a Lakewood, CO Dentist?

It All Starts With The Front Desk

When you walk into a dentist's waiting room, it should feel like you're with family. After all, you are an integral part of their business. Every patient is! We believe that your entire experience at the dentist hinges on how you're treated at the front desk, both before and after you see the dentist. Let's say you're nervous about seeing the dentist again. This is extremely common. Is a mediocre response from the front desk staff going to set you at ease? Of course not! On the other hand an enthusiastic reception can make all the difference in calming your nerves. This is just one element you should value in a Lakewood, CO dentist.

Clarity Of Billing And Insurance

Often times the front desk staff is also responsible for explaining billing and insurance questions. This can be a huge sticking point for some businesses. Clarity of billing is something you should absolutely value in a Lakewood, CO dentist. Now it's no secret navigating the world of insurance claims is complicated, even in dental insurance. However, the front desk staff should be able to concisely explain what is being billed and covered. If they can't do so or your bill keeps getting adjusted, it can bring into question if their billing practices are being handled right. 

The Staff Stays The Same

People want to work in a positive, healthy environment. This is evident in all businesses, including dentistry. If you experience a lot of changing faces over the course of a few checkups, this can be worrisome. Of course, there is always some turnover in any business. People move, find new opportunities or simply don't quite fit in. However, if you find yourself seldom recongizing staff from visit to visit, ask yourself if this is the right environment to trust for your family's dental care. (To learn more about our team, visit our Meet The Staff page).

You Are Remembered / Case Notes

Staying in the same vein as the staff, you should receive consistent, personalized care just like when you visit your primary care physician. Think about how discouraging it is if you have to explain the basics over and over again each time you visit your doctor. In addition, if you have any allergies or distinct conditions, the staff should be on top of those items before a cleaning ever begins. A quality office will keep detailed case notes and review them each time you come into the office. This is something you can greatly value in a Lakewood, CO dentist when you experience it. Anything less is not acceptable.

Find The Best Value In A Lakewood, CO Dentist

To close this article, we'd like to note there are a lot of good dentists in the Denver area. However, you and your family don't deserve just "good;" you deserve excellence. Here at Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry, we think of our staff as our family. We enjoy working closely with all our staff to create a comfortable environment for everyone. You'll see the same smiling faces each time you come for an appointment. We work hard with our front desk, hygenists and techs to provide a positive experience from beginning to end. All the items we outlined above are aspects you will value in our service, without exception. Experience the difference for yourself! Schedule a consultation or checkup today.  


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