Hacks From Your Dentist

Hacks From Your Dentist

Hacks From Your Dentist

Are you ready to achieve great oral health and feel like a genius at the same time? Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry has assembled these hacks from your dentist that are sure to give your healthy smile a boost. You can even share these hacks with your friends and family. So read on below to keep your smile in tip top shape!

Rinse Frequently With Water

Did you know you have two easy weapons in the fight against tooth decay available at all times? The first is good old fashioned tap water, and it can do wonders for your oral health. First off, you can rinse any loose food particles and acids from your teeth after you eat or drink. For example, you can reduce the harmful effects of coffee on your teeth by regularly drinking water alongside your hot beverage. This will ensure those acids found in coffee won’t stay on your teeth too long. In addition, rinsing regularly with water will ensure you stay hydrated, especially if you’re drinking diuretics like coffee. Staying hydrated ensures your second weapon, saliva, is sufficiently produced in your mouth. Saliva is a natural bacteria and cavity fighter. You don’t want to end up with dry mouth. This condition can actually accelerate cavity growth. So stay hydrated and always rinse during and after eating or drinking.

One other note - notice how we said -tap- water? It is best to consume bottled water in moderation since many brands may contain weak acids used to prolong shelf life. Read more about it in Is Bottled Water Bad For Your Teeth? We recommend using a water filter to remove any harmful elements from tap water.

Use A Straw When You Drink

Water is key to rinsing acidic liquids like coffee and soda off your teeth, but what if you could minimize exposure to your teeth in the first place? Enter another simple hack from your dentist - straw use. We recommend consuming beverages like coffee, tea and especially soda in moderation, but when you do consume them, drink with a straw. This will keep the majority of the liquid off your teeth as it travels right by in the straw. Of course this hack won’t work with hot coffee, but you can always use it with iced coffee. Please use washable or biodegradable straws instead of the plastic variety. 

Carry Sugar-Free Gum

There is another easy cleaning tool that definitely belongs on the hacks from your dentist list, and it’s a simple pack of sugar-free gum. When you can’t clean your teeth with a toothbrush or floss, sugar-free gum can come to the rescue and vacuum up some of those harmful food particles. Chew right after you eat to freshen up your mouth and limit bacteria growth from the leftover bits of food on your teeth. Please only use 100% sugar-free gum for this hack. You certainly aren’t doing your teeth any favors by trying this with sugar gum.  

Always Buy An Extra Toothbrush

Accidents happen, especially if you have children in the house. But you would be surprised at how many people don’t have a backup plan if their toothbrush gets unexpectedly ruined. This is why we always recommend buying the family pack of toothbrushes vs. buying one at a time. You can swap out the old brush right away if needed, and you’ll save a little money buying in bulk as well. As a bonus, having extra brushes in the cabinet will ensure you change out your old one every 3-4 months without fail. You’d be surprised at how many times some people forget to pick up a new one at the store and continue using the past-due brush. One more tip - always buy ultra soft brushes. They are gentler on your teeth and still clean as effectively as harder bristle brushes. 

There Is No Substitute For A Cleaning

These hacks from your dentist can put you on the track to healthier teeth, but they are only just the start. Nothing can replace the benefits of an in-office cleaning, and you need to schedule one every six months or so. While you’re getting your teeth cleaned, your dentist can check for any potential issues and prevent them from becoming any worse. So if you’re overdue, now is the time to get back on track. Contact Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry today to get started. And keep using these hacks from your dentist in the meantime! 


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