Tips To Relax At The Dentist

Tips To Relax At The Dentist

Tips To Relax At The Dentist

Your six month checkup is near, and you are dreading what to do. Should you put off your appointment and deal with it later? Of course you shouldn't! Dental anxiety is common for many patients. You don't have to live in fear of your next check up. Here are some easy tips to make your next visit relaxing and as smooth as possible.

Speak Up

Silence can only make things harder, so we encourage patients to always speak up. Tell us how you're feeling! Voice concerns and try not to stuff down comments when you're feeling uncomfortable. We promise, you'll be surprised at the positive outcome. Our patient’s comfort is always the number one concern. If you ever find yourself in a clinic where you can't speak up about concerns, you're in the wrong place.

Find Your Channel 

Today dentists have a variety of tools to help patients pass the time in the chair, and personal TV sets are one of the best options. Take the time to find a relaxing or engaging show to put on when they hand you the remote. Some great options are nature shows, reality TV, or simply that last episode of your favorite show that you missed. You'd he surprised at just how fast a cleaning and checkup goes by when you're focused on something else. For best results, put on the headphones once the cleaning or procedure begins to better focus on what you’re watching.

Raise Your Hand

We just talked about putting on headphones during a cleaning or procedure, but how do you communicate when you need a break or you feel pain? The answer is simple _ raise your hand. Your dentist or hygienist is more than happy to pause if you need to, and a simple hand gesture is all you need to get the job done. This is the universal sign if you’re uncomfortable too, so don't be afraid to use it.

Deep Breaths

Breathing techniques can make all the difference between a stressful and positive experience at the dentist. When you’ve uncomfortable or experience anxiety, many people resort to the habit of rapid breathing. This can lead to conditions like hyperventilation, which will only make your visit more stressful. Practice steady deep inhalation into your nose and out your mouth to stave off any potential panic attacks. Try to breathe a full breath before you exhale. If you’re subject to anxiety attacks, make sure to notify your dentist before any treatment begins.

Final Thoughts - Tips To Relax At The Dentist

It is perfectly normal to not enjoy going to the dentist, but you don't have to feel powerless when your next appointment approaches. First thing is first. Let your dental office know you feel uncomfortable during treatment. You'll be surprised at the empathy you receive when you speak up about how you're feeling. Don’t feel afraid to speak up or ask for a short break if you need it. Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry is dedicated to making your visit relaxing and comfortable. Schedule your next appointment today to see how we take our patients’ comfort seriously.


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