Is It Ok To Brush Without Fluoride Toothpaste?

Is It Ok To Brush Without Fluoride Toothpaste?

Is It Ok To Brush Without Fluoride Toothpaste?

Recently we just talked about fluoride concentration in toothpaste and whether or not a higher concentration is better for adults and children. Today we’re going to explore whether it is ok to brush without fluoride toothpaste in your daily habits. Now don’t misunderstand - it is certainly not ok to not brush at all! But do you need to use a fluoride toothpaste for maximum results?

Toothpaste Options

Not all toothpaste in the dental care aisle contains fluoride. Certain natural and organic toothpastes contain ingredients like charcoal powder, baking powder, aloe, mint and other essential oils. While these might make for a pleasant brushing experience, they don’t create remineralization that is important in fluoride toothpastes. While some may argue that fluoride is harmful, there are no scientific studies that conclude that fluoride is dangerous to use. In fact, it is responsible for a decline in cavities ever since it was introduced as a treatment method.

Why Fluoride Matters

Fluoride is the key ingredient that helps keep your enamel strong and remineralize your teeth. Over time, your enamel loses minerals like calcium, and as it weakens, it becomes more vulnerable to cavity growth. Fluoride can reverse this process and actually repair the lost minerals.  But if you’re routinely brushing without fluoride toothpaste, you’re missing out on this important daily process. 

Children Have Different Needs Than Adults

While fluoride is proven to remineralize your teeth with every use, children should use it differently than adults. Children who brush regularly with too high of a fluoride concentration might develop the condition of Fluorosis. While this condition doesn’t harm the health their teeth, it can create white streaks on the surface of their teeth. It is best to avoid letting your children use toothpaste with a fluoride concentration recommended for adults. This is why there are children’s brand toothpastes. It’s easy to figure out which toothpaste is safe for your child to use. Just look for an ADA seal.

Simply Put - Look For The ADA Symbol

The American Dental Association makes it easy for concerned parents to find the best toothpaste for their children as well as for their needs. Simply look for the ADA seal on any toothpaste and you’ll know it has been tested for safe use. The ADA recommends the use of fluoride for cavity prevention, so you’ll find the right, scientifically tested concentration of fluoride in any toothpaste you purchase with their seal. It’s as easy as that!

Talk To Your Dentist

If you have any concerns about brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, there is an easy way to get all the information your need. Talk to your dentist! They will address questions like is it ok to brush without fluoride toothpaste and recommend the best products to keep your teeth healthy. Grace & Leedy Family Dentistry is committed to fostering a friendly environment where communication about dental health is always open. Schedule a consultation or checkup today to see how we’re different!


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